Nia Arts Summer Program

Dates of Operation: June 10, 2019 - August 9, 2019

Programming Time: 9 AM - 4 PM

Site Location: 301 Obetz rd columbus oh 43207


Exposure to the arts not only enriches our lives, communities & culture it is also vital to a child’s education.  Arts education promotes self-directed learning, improves school attendance, and sharpens critical and creative skills. The team at SPEAK Project Ohio has created the Nia Arts Summer Program, a 9-week experience (June 10 – August 9) that immerses participants in a world of art education that will be as engaging and exciting, as it will be critical in the fight against summer learning loss. 

We have partnered with licensed educators, as well as experts in the areas of Music, Dance, Illustration Arts & Culinary Arts to create a summer experience that will focus on 3 primary areas:

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Creative expression

Youth will be engaged in a different unit of creative arts 3 times per week. Our creative arts units include:

Dance: Far more than learning a series of steps to music, dance is a way of moving that uses the body as an instrument. Dance helps children mature physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. During our program, youth will be taught high-energy dance routines ranging from Hip Hop, to Salsa, to African Harambee. 

The Art of Music: Youth will participate in age appropriate lessons that will analyze popular songs, educate them on different genres, celebrate music from other cultures, explore creating their own instruments and singing. It is our goal to teach students what it takes to make a song, encourage them to learn an instrument, and take an active interest in learning about music from other cultures.

Mural Project: Murals are a way for young people to have independence while being a part of a whole picture. During this unit, youth will have the freedom to create while learning collaboration skills in order to complete a task. The Mural Project will focus on exploring artistic techniques and conveying positive messages through art.

academic enrichment

Summer Learning Loss is the term used to describe the loss of academic skills and knowledge over the course of summer break. In efforts to reduce/prevent summer learning loss, NASP will engage students in fun, innovative math and reading lessons from licensed educators. Our program will get students excited about learning and keep kids mentally sharp while they are on summer break!

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Wellness & Healthy lifestyle

Regular physical activity in childhood is important for promoting lifelong health and preventing various health conditions. Students will be involved in an array of activities that encourage them to move and work together with their peers. NASP youth will participate in a variety of physical activities throughout the course of the summer.

Students will also participate in exciting culinary lessons that will teach them to identify food groups, help them understand the importance of healthy choices, and learn how to cook with basic techniques while maintaining safety in the kitchen.


Registration is CLOSED for Summer 2019